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about us
about us
Fire has always been part of our lives. From essential needs such as cooking and heating our homes, to lighting candles or even relaxing around a campfire. The means to ignite a flame is important to us.

We are a small company which has been producing flame products for over 40 years. We are dedicated to providing good quality products which are designed with safety in mind and which look good too. Following these principles we have created the Sienna Gold range of inspirational home lighters, a range of attractive home accessories inspired by the many lighting occasions in the home. All our lighters have been designed for safety and to complement your home interiors and trends in the market.

Take a look through our range and you will find lighters specifically designed for lighting candles, gas hobs and open fires; we have turbo lighters for barbecues and handy sized Minilites. Sienna Gold can bring you warmth, peace, relaxation, and celebration. You can create special moments in your home with a Sienna Gold lighter